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Filesonic and Wupload Downloader w/t builtin account leecher


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Program: Filesonic and Wupload Downloader w/t builtin account leecher

I would like to share my coded program in vb.net, this program is very useful to us especially for downloaders...

This is just a filesonic and wuploader downloader... before the program loads, it gathers or leechers premium accounts to be used in the program...

See screenshot:


I created a video on how use the program in a simple way...

Download Video:


Download Binary


Virus Scan:


Read the ReadMe.txt for more information.

Feed back is appreciated.

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Your link is password protected....

EDIT: This is a jerky way to earn money, you need to go through a few adf.ly links to start the program..


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Just download MiPony. It supports dozens of sites and is updated ALL THE TIME in case a site changes. You can also download a plugin to get around captchas for free but you must "earn" credits (which is just answering others captchas), if you choose to get the plugin.

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