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Peacekeeper - The Universal Browser Test...

Teddy Rogers

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Which is the fastest browser? Which is the best browser for you? Find out with Peacekeeper, the free universal browser test from Futuremark.

Peacekeeper is a free and fast browser test that measures a browser's speed. If you use social networks like Facebook or Twitter, watch online video on YouTube, enjoy online shopping on Amazon or eBay, or just like reading news and blogs then switching to a faster browser could give you a smoother and more enjoyable browsing experience.

Peacekeeper works with desktop PCs, notebooks, netbooks, tablets, smartphones and many other devices. It works with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and other operating systems. If it has a browser, you can test it with Peacekeeper.



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They need to put some work in the presentation rolleyes.gif

I ran it inside Firefox on my desktop PC and all I got was a number (how is this calculated?) and numbers of other platforms

which aren't even comparable. iPad? Android? Why don't I get other Firefox scores? Or comparable Desktop scores?

And the browser percentage graph on their website wacko.png At week 41 all browser shares crashed into the 3% region.

That doesn't make any sense, except if the website had 8 users per week and for some obscure reason all of them used an unknown browser.

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