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What OS would you put on a netbook?

Teddy Rogers

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Honestly, I'd go with a Linux distro just because the only reason I'd ever get a NetBook would be the fact it's so mobile. I'd most likely do Wi-Fi mapping with it and then use Linux to crack any password protected Wi-Fi spots. All of this would mean, I could have a VERY portable work laptop with Wi-Fi anywhere I go in my city.

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Well at this point its really a matter of what you like.

I would either go with a copy of OpenSuse or Windows embedded.

In other words something that is lite enough to go on the netbook.

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i am using ubunu 11.10 (i am not sure which version) on my eeepc netbook. but i am not very happy with it.

* video playback is bad (async and flickering).

* the touchpad driver doesnt work good. its a nightmare to drag and drop using the touchpad only.

* nasty updates almost everytime i use my netbook. when you start the update its slows down your system and you cant watch movies for examples.

windows xp worked much better on my netbook. but i am too lazy to install again. biggrin.png

maybe i will try next Aurora OS (http://www.auroraos.org) which is optimized for EEEPC Netbooks.

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Urgh! Ubuntu. Hate it. I would rather use Kubuntu. My favourite Linux distro is Scientific Linux. Very good and well supported...


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If you have have android phone why not throw an android OS the netbook also...There is x86 android version I seen on the net.

Me personally would probably setup up a duel boot Linux/Windows or Linux with a windows virtualbox

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