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Shed a tear...

Teddy Rogers

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Shed a tear... Intel's Ivy Bridge platform is likely to debut around April 2012 :(

Intel probably have no reason to rush out their next platform with AMD being so hopeless...


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I don't get why they bother to introduce a random instruction at this point. Too little too late :s

But Tri-gate looks very promising.

In any event I don't think adopting right after release is such a great idea, remember the Sandy Bridge recalls?

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I believe part of the reason for the delay is due to manufacturing problems so you may have a point with your statement about adopting next generation hardware. However I will take the chance. I have been trying to give myself a justified reason to upgrade from my Q6600 for the past few years but its been a trooper - and still is...


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I saved up and built a sandy bridge box for the HT, SSE4.2 and AES and QS. Also for mobile emulator performance for work.

AMD is coming out with a CPU that has a 800 SP IGP/APU within the year..Their current offerings are also more economic than Intel for devs who need graphics power on a budget..although it is overratted by all the 'experts'..Also ATI driver bugs drive most people to the 'green team'.

I doubt they have a problem with manufacturing..they are probably just playing chess with the market..

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I was hoping sometime after Christmas I could look at getting an i7-3770S paired up with a Radeon HD 7970. That should see my new system out for a few years, unfortunately I'll have to wait a little longer now...


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Not that really new heard about this a good while ago but o well I do look forward to the 3d transistors on it thou.

Those transistors are why I'm still using a old laptop, was going to go sandy bridge with low temp 1GB 520 geforce, but am waiting for the efficiency. I just do contracts and end-user stuff on them, I go console or efficient game rig for gaming..

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