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help me about chiptunes


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How to :

1. Convert xm, it, mtm, wow, stm, umx, mod, s3m, oxm, sid, nsf, mo3, sap, fc4, sndh to v2m?

2. convert sunvox, turrican, bsf, bmf, mo3, nsf, sndh, fc4, sid, sap, to xm, s3m or mod

3. how to composing v2m using farbrausch, i've search the forums chiptunes n youtube, but not found.

thx b4. n xorry about my english!...

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1. you cant convert those to v2m.

2. MO3's can be converted back to the host format. un4seen.com should have tools to do that. if not, I can write one. Anything else is not possible since most formats there are emulated. So, completely different formats to tracked ones.

3. To compose V2M files you need a decent app like Cubase and the V2M VST. From there, you need to have skills in composing.

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Whether the application can run on Win OS, and whether freeware?... O yea, i once read in the Chiptunes Forum (Germany), there that use Buzz Machine that is not wrong to make v2m chiptunes, and i like him i've downloaded, but i forgot store it. and i also use plugins to Open MPT but when i save the file and play without the player is wearing bass.dll or Open MPT, FX from plugins that not appear. thx mud lord!...

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I usually just convert from xm to mo3, i never tried convert mo3 to xm, and i convert xm to oxm ogg mod, i felt no difference and like it just change the extension, the size remains the same, why???...

and WHY when I'm wearing Arpeggio FX sounding discordant ...

thx u!....cowboy.gif

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