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DSM dUP2 Skin


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intresting ....

You're gifted person.

If there is a compitition then you get the prise.

Again Dup 2 Skins Is Not As As uPPP. Dealing with PNGs is easier than bmp which dup uses.

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Thank you for appreciating blush.png

I like the transparency of the *PNG format.

Indeed, we can make very beautiful skins using this feature uPPP

Unfortunately, not enough time for all....

I'm going to make some skins for the uPPP

doing something what can not be made by using *BMP...

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This file has been reported as broken because: I Build Patch With This Skin But Dup2 Say : Resource Updated Failed ,, Can fix This Problem

Little strange .....

from here downloaded without any problems.

or here's a direct link - http://forum.tuts4yo...a/dsm-dup2-skin

or as an alternative mediafire

password for the archive from mediafire - cin1team
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