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[help] Skype smilies

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as some of you may noticed smilies in Skype changed after one update recently. Thing is - those new ones kinda makes me wanna throw up. So I thought I change them back. It can't be that hard, right? Appearently can.

There is no option to do so in app itself and I haven't found any downloadable. I assume smilies are "client-based" becasue I had new after update while some friends of mine still had old ones (their Skypes hadn't updated yet).

First thought was find some file/dll containing smiley images and replace it. It turned out there is only one file in install directory - skype.exe and I wasn't able to find anything in users/.../documents/, users/.../appdata/... or anywhere on hdd (I'm running 32bit Win Vista Home Premium SP1).

My next guess was it could be packed within .exe itself so I used various "resource hacking" tools (ResHack, ResExtract plugin for Total Commander, ResEdit) but without success - I was only able to get few icons/cursors and online/offline/away state icons.

One more thing that came to my mind was use some tool capable of monitoring loading/start up of Skype - it would show me what is being loaded from which files. But I never seen any tool like this nor I know if it even exists..

So I thought you guys here might have some advice or know something useful - like where could be those images stored or what can I try next..



PS. Sure, I can try downgrade.. but I thought this can be nice challenge (and - why do things easy way when you can go hard way? tongue.png)

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