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ORiON Nfo Viewer


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File Name: ORiON Nfo Viewer

File Submitter: Ondskapen

File Submitted: 01 Oct 2011

File Category: ANSII Artwork

Nfo Viewer that I made for ORION Team, themed Starfield, there are 8 Chiptune made by Dual Trax & Jeroen G.

better monitor resolution of 1280 x 1024.

I test on Win XP & Win Seven no problem. press 1-8 to change the SFX, 9 hide / show the default nfo, 0 stopped sfx. zxcvbn to change the font color nfo.

I hope you like it. thx to: Alex D. cowboy.gif

Click here to download this file

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but I'm using Delphi / Pascal. and handle fonts with only OEM that's all.cowboy.gif

from Embarcadero

property OEMConvert: Boolean read FOEMConvert write SetOEMConvert default False;


__property bool OEMConvert = {read=FOEMConvert, write=SetOEMConvert, default=0};

Edited by Ondskapen
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