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Crash on getting imports.


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Ran into a bug on a target which is using a modified UPX.

On getting the imports after autosearching for IAT, Scylla crashes.

I recall when on XP, ImpRec didnt have this problem.

Not sure where to post the target since it is commercial, though.

If it helps, using OllyDump which was ported by AORE for Olly2.

Using one of the standard UPX 3.04 crackmes crashes on fixing the dump, if that helps.

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I found the second bug. Ollydump by AORE for Olly 2 is producing corrupt dumps. But anyway, Scylla should not crash because of that. Will be fixed in the next version.

I can confirm that. The plugin dumped a file and the reconstruction didn't work. The Scylla dumped file worked well.

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