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HTPC without HDCP


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After long time, i've build my "state of the art" amd x4, 16gb ram HTPC. For capturing(tuning) i have Hauppages Colossus card which captures non encrypted hdmi (1080i withouth HDCP content) and composite (analog withouth macrovision content) signal.

Now, there is no source SetUpBox or BlueRayDisc withouth HDCP encryption handshake, and there is few devices which removes HDCP and throws pure non encrypted signal out to display, and i was searching for above mentioned and found:

HDFury1, 2 ,3 - converts signal to analogue 480p, and then converts to 1080p and play as unprotected rgb hd signal, and...

MuxHD - converts HDMI HDCP protected signal to digital HDMI unprotected signal - no downconversion, so better...

As there is master HDCP key leaked almost for one year now, i was wondering if there is an app or hardware device which can avoid HDCP handshake, and play out unprotected hdmi signal to whatever device there is, asside those two mentioned above?

If someone knows about one, please direct/pm me, and i will show my gratitude in form of three months bear supply.



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