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I feel old


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Hey everyone,

It's been a quite a while since i have done any reversing mostly because i had troubles getting olly to work on x64.

But now there is Ollydbg 2.0 which looks just awesome, So i fired it up and and tried some things and i remember how much fun i had.

So there i am having some fun and then i tried to dump a process... right let's find a dumping plugin but i couldn't find any.

Then i thought well i can fire up good old LordPE but it seems he has aged as well and was unable to detect most of my processes.

I would be very grateful if somebody could point in the right direction.

Also is ImpREC still a viable tool? Or have we moved to greener pastures?


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imprec is still the best,theres a newer version out which works faster smile.png anyway,i dump with imprec and fix imports with imprec

Damn, now i feel old and stupid.

I had a feeling imprec had the ability to, i looked around the menu's but didn't check select code sections.

Thanks MasterUploader

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