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rapidshare report abuse rules


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As a conclusion rapidshare don't give a **** about copyright

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Teddy Rogers

I am not so sure I would go so far as to say they don't care about copyright holders but they definitely needed to be more proactive for them or risk being shutdown. As law courts have not found them guilty they must be doing something right.

Many fileshares do not bother using Rapidshare since they introduced all the additional changes last year and have moved to other one click file storage sites...


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It's a shame what they did to RapidShare. Whoever introduced their ***-*** virtual currency deserves a good beating. The payment system was already weird enough but that really topped it off.

Most sites don't even have RS anymore but I have no clue what else to get. One subscription per month is OK but anything beyond that really doesn't pay off.

Last time I caught myself using a torrent :down:

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I don't understand why more people don't go for fileserve? I mean upload practically as much as you want and download practically as much as you want with out waiting. It seems pretty damn nice that a file upload service such as rapidshare will take a stand for its uploaders and respect their confidentiality. I understand what this does for copyright protection but I can't afford everything that I want and because I can beat their protection I shouldn't? That one byte in their program should stop me from learning and possibly obtaining a career in the field that interests and drives me. Yeah right! Don't get me wrong I would pay for any program that I will repeated use and that I believe deserves to be bought but not the **** that costs 200 USD for one or two uses. Are you serious? All I have to say is thank god for all the RCEers out there that have helped me because with out them I wouldn't of learned all I have! :worthy:

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