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Stars Field C# 2008


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What did I start :sweat:

Pretty nice, just one thing that looks odd: you should make the stars blend in from the background like they move in from the distance. Right now they just pop up

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They still pop up, it's like they dont exist until they exactly hit an invisible line

Try blending them in based on a z component which is 0 for all stars and gets increased on every step.

It goes from 0 to 255 and when it hits 255 it stays that way. Then for each pixel multiply r/g/b with z and divide by 255.

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:thumbsup: Great job! It was cool to see the changes you made to get to the latest example (which looks the best). I can't believe they don't have a smiley out yet that says cozofdeath rulez? I mean really where is that? :dunno:
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