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I have tried real hard and learned as much as I can from Lena's TUTS. I've have treated as course, taking notes doing research blah blah...

SO my question along the way is that there has been some programs that I have targeted and have been successful,(they have already been Rlsd a LONG TIME AGO by someone more advance then me )

and only been through her first four tuts.

I wanted to know if we could leave a thread open or to the idea that if you have completed her course 1-4 so on and so on ..you should be able to successfully R.E.

+++this List of programs?+++ for newbies i guess like me, to make sure I am learning what I'm supposed to....

Just an idea, I left out the list of programs on purpose.


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Guest cypherpunk

I would think a list of commercial programs would be a definite no no, but I don't think anyone would object to a listing of [reverse/crack/unpack]me's as such things are written for the express purpose of practicing and honing one's reversing skills.

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Here are a couple collections of crackmes:



Yeah I know the second link is the mirror to tuts4you and you are already here, but if you grab the torrent you can uncheck everything except the crackme folder.

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No. No course will completely prepare you for reverse engineering. There are always tricks that will steer you off. Software engineering (and the reverse process) is simply an exercise of time. The more time you spend on it, then more you will know about it. It's not like an actual science where your intelligence really matters. Of course, more intelligent people will learn and work faster, but you will get there eventually - it's all down to practice, from the intelligent and pro to the dumbasses. You'll notice that the pros have had a lot more experience and write many blog posts or software, something which "noobs" don't. The difference is quite obvious.

So go ahead, start reversing a bunch of crackmes or just open up notepad.exe inside a disassembler and poke around. Make it do something cool.

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