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Asm Template [BEAN]


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This is a template in asm. I modified Lena151's template and added TONS (5mb) of tabled music.


-To edit music-

Open up the keygen.asm and look for shark.inc . Okay, now look in the chiptunes folder for the chip you want, and put it in the directory with keygen.asm . Now maximize keygen.asm and edit shark.inc to the new one you chose. save now run ..! compile !..

-To edit form-

Open up photoshop cs4+ (Sorry, you need this). Make a new file, any size and transparent background. Now... DESIGN!!! Now you should have your cool form. Make a new layer and drag to the bottom of the stack. Fill it with a color never used in the form. now, save this, but don't merge the layers! Now fill the bottom layer with black. On the top layer, take the magic wand with 1 tolerance, uncheck contiguous, and uncheck anti aliasing. Select a transparent part, and then press ctrl+shift+i to select the form. press shift+f5 and select white. Ok. Now save this file as matte.bmp . Make sure you have This. Open it and browse to the matte. Now select the black and click scan. To make sure this worked right, click test region. If a window pops up right click it and select the real image. If this looks correct, save the region as RGNpicA.rgn and the real image as RGNpicA.bmp Now, overwrite my files with your new ones. Hit compile and... WOW! It looks perfect!

If your form has the buttons in different places, here is how to fix it. Open the .rc file in Winasm Studio and open up 4t Tray Minimizer. Now compile and run the messed up buttons executable. Now maximize Winasm studio, and on the new bar that 4t created, press the pin and the square.


Line up the winasm form so that the corner of a textbox matches like so.


Now the buttons you see are invisible on the actual form. The blank one is music toggle. The others are what their label says. Now drag these so that they match where the image for them is on your form. EG. Find your exit "x" or button on your form, and resize the button that says exit to fit the part of your image. By the way, if you forgot to put something on your form that says exit or an x :kick: , remember to edit the picture. (See above)

-To edit code-

Refer to Lena151's tutorial #36 :)

I hope you enjoy this, and use it only for legal purposes!


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