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Codec and player problems!


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so I wanna talk about some video & codec problems which I have and I got also some questions about some things.Maybe there is someone how can help how to install & de-install & register & fix some codec & video problems.

Normaly I use a player called KMPlayer which is very good so far.My problems at the moment are that the player works very slow with some files.Most with wmv files.

- I start the video and the player hangs for some seconds so that I can do nothing.The video plays in this time.

- On files which have a higher resolution 1280 x 720 there are the problems bigger and the player hangs ca. 1 minute til I can stop the video play.

- On smaller videos I have the problem that the video start for ca 2 seconds in a slow playing mode and then it plays again normaly.After a seek forward I got again the same problem.

- Video & Sound does not match.

- Unloading of a video can also take a some seconds.

All in all there are some bad problem which I have since some weeks and before all was working very well.Now I tried to analyze the problem to find the reasons for this problems and also I was searching on the net but without success.I tried to analyze some files with a tool called GSpot and I got mostly this results.

Codec Status Undetermined <-- codec video

Status Undetermined <-- audio



WMV2 | WMP v8

Codec Status Undetermined

0x0161 (WMA v2)

0x02:44100Hz 160 kb/s tot (2 chnls)

Status Undetermined


If I have a look on the codec list of video & audio then I can find them both in the list.

WMV2 WMP v8 Microsoft <-- video

0x0161 WMA v2 Microsoft <-- audio


So why does GSpot say now to both Status Undetermined?

Exsample 2:


DIVX | DivX 4 (OpenDivX)

Codec(s) are Installed

0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3

44100Hz 320 kb/s tot , Joint Stereo

Codec(s) Installed


DIVX DivX 4 (OpenDivX) Project Mayo

0x0055 MP3 ISO


So I can find in both videos the codecs but one if them are Status Undetermined and the other one is Codec(s) Installed!So I see the codec for exsamle 1 are also there but why can't GSpot reconize it as installed?

So can someone of you tell me what to do now to get all needed codecs right installed & working right?So on the net you can find a lot codecs & codec packages but which one is the right?What I have all to install on the PC?Does someone of you have experience about this theme who can help to get a better understanding what to do in some problems etc.So I hate this kind of problems and I think there are no good tools which can help to fix such problems.

Some infos what I can do or tutorials how to install a codec manually would also be good.Maybe you have some ideas to get my system working again correctly with all codecs to fix my problems which I told above. :) I hope it.


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Why do not you use VLC player? that plays all files without additional codec installation


ps what make this learning :turned:

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Hi ragdog,

uhhmm not VLC Player!This is a bad player for me so I got just a low level PC and VLC is very slow and had problems also with wmv files with my system.I don't like this player.For me the best player is KMPlayer.Its quick and had a good handling but at the moment I got this trouble which I have post. :(

Lerning depends at the moment.


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The solution == CoreCodec CoreAVC Professional Edition :)

but still you shouldn't expect 100% playback speed and quality if you are using an old school pc like me :P

If u couldn't adjust CoreAVC on your player (for ex. on Media Player Classic - Home Cinema) just get CorePlayer Pro.

The only problem with this codec is that you can't use Subtitle with your movies. (though there are some plugins to fix this too)



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Here are the Codec & Player.

Edited by Teddy Rogers
Deleted attachments... I don't think these can be freely downloaded from the authors site without payment first?
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i using oldschool pc too :).

Here is my setup for playing videos without any problems.

For playing MKV (1080p , 720p) videos .

Splash Pro (http://www.mirillis.com/en/products/splashpro.html) - This one doesn't use external "codecs" for playing high-res videos , a real solution !

For medium resolution videos .

Gom Player (+K-Lite codec package if needed).


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Hhmmm,so I had already in the past the CoreCodec installed for testing but it did not fix my problems.

So in the past I have always installed the normal KMPlayer which can use internal codecs.Also I did install FFDshow just for using the VFW encoder to load files in VirtualDub etc.Also I did install some WMV series and after this all was working good so far,mostly after a fresh XP installing.

So at the moment I got this playing problems and I dont know why.I did already un-install all codecs + player and re-install it and after this there was one problem fixed so the video + sound does match again but the other problems are still present and I dont know the exactly reason for this problems and I have also no idea how to get it fixed again and thats the big problem.Then you try to install xy or yx till the problems are gone if you have luck but this can't be a good solution.So I need really someone who know what to do for xy problems.I also see on the net there are many people with some kind of trouble out there but I see never a good answer to fix a problem.

@ JeRRy

Hhmmm,so normaly I dont wanna use a other player so I was already satisfied with KMPlayer in the past you know.So if I remeber right then your player needs NetFramework right?Anyway.So I just wanna know how to deal with this codec problems at the moment which I have so I think if I now install +K-Lite codec package then it would be not so a good solution to install this package now.So I am not sure if yes or no.So I have already installed some other stuff which then can make problems after so I think.

Maybe someone else have some other ideas which I can try before installing a new codec package.But thanks again so far you both so I will keep your infos in my mind if nothing help.


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So if I remeber right then your player needs NetFramework right?

Splash Pro is not a .NET program, it does not need .NET Framework.

I use it when I see movies on my computer - It's great.

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Nirsoft InstalledCodec may help.

a small utility displays the list of all Codec drivers and DirectShow filters currently installed on your system

It allows you to easily disable or enable any Codec/DirectShow component.

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