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Tuts 4 You

Tuts4you Collection - Tools & Utility

The Mida

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Hello everyone

You can find here links to the downloads section of the Tools & Utilities

Tuts4you Collection - Tools & Utilities



Portable Executable Tools.rar


Debuggers - Disassemblers.rar


Program List.txt


Process Explorers - Monitors.rar


Miscellaneous Tools.rar


IAT - PE Rebuilding.rar


Cryptography Tools.rar


this is the Tools-Utility List:

1) Binary - Registry Patchers

Abel Self Learning Loader Generator 2.30

CodeFusion Wizard 3.0

dUP 2.18

HzorInline 1.3 Beta (Build 20050804)

Injecta 0.2


Tola's Patching Engine

uPPP 0.5

UPX Inliner

2) Binary Analysis - Editing

A-Ray Scanner

BinDiff 3.2.0

BinNavi 3.0

DLL LoadEx 1.0

File Location Calculator 0.3.2


HEXEdit 4.3.0

Komodo PGMP - Pretty Good Malware Protection

OEP Finder 1.60

P-Code or Native?

PE iDentifier (PEiD) 0.95



Quick File Viewer 1.1

RDG Packer Detector 0.6.4

ShowString 2.0 (Build 040720)

Visual Basic OEP Detector 0.1

VxClass 1.1

WinRipper 0.78

3) Cryptography Tools

32bit Calculator 1.7

64bit Calculator 1.2

Base Any Kit 1.1

Base64 Encode-Decode

Base64Kit 1.30

Big Integer Calculator 1.14

Big Num Calculator

BigNum Calculator

Bishops MD2 & MD5 Hasher

Blowfish Tool 1.0

Brute Hash 1.4

Crypt Tool 1.2

CrypTool 1.4.00

Damn HashCalc 1.5.1

DLP Tool 1.1

DSS/DSA Keygenerator 1.3

ECCTool 1.04

ECDLP Solver 0.2a

ElGamal Tool 0.2

FPU Calculator 1.0

GGNFS 0.77.1

HashCalc 0.1 Beta

Keygen Maker 0.71c

MD5 Checker

Msieve 1.48 + GUI 1.1

Octipus 1.01


Prime Generator 1.1

Prime Or Not 5.0

RDLP Tool 1.15

RSA-Tool 2

SnD Reverser Tool 1.4

Table Extractor 1.34

TMG Ripper Studio 0.03

Ultra Cracking Machine

x3chun Crypto Searcher

x3chun Hash Calculation

YAFU 1.19.2

4) Debuggers - Disassemblers

c32asm 0.8.8

DE Decompiler Lite 2.0

Debuggy 1.02


Delphi Decompiler

DirtyJOE 1.0 (c147)


GoBug 2.03.01

Hacker Disassembler 1.06

Interactive Delphi Reconstructor

P32Dasm 2.6

PVDasm 32Bit Disassembler 1.7a

PVDasm 64Bit Disassembler 1.7a


Syser Kernel Debugger 1.99.1900.1191

Syser Win32 Debugger 1.99.1900.1191

TRW2000 for Windows 9x

Visual DuxDebugger 1.0

W32Dasm 10.0

W32Dasm 8.93 Fixed

WinAPIOverride 5.1.7


5)IAT - PE Rebuilding

Addr & Function Converter 0.2.1

API Address 1.0

CHimpREC: The Cheap Imports Reconstructor

DLL Rebaser 1.0

DT FixRes

First Thunk Rebuilder 1.2

Function Replacer 1.0

Get Proc Address 1.0

IIDKing 2.01


Import REConstructor 1.6 FINAL

Import REConstructor 1.7e FINAL

Imports Fixer 1.6

Overlay Tool 1.0

Overlay Wizard

PE Generator 1.1

ReloX 1.0

Resource Binder 2.1

Universal Import Fixer 1.2

6) Miscellaneous Tools

HideSyser Plugin 1.94


7) Portable Executable Tools

Explorer Suite III

MergePE Optimizer 1.4

Overlay 1.0

PE Optimizer 1.4

PE-DIY Tool 1.10

PEditor 1.7

Stud PE



xPELister 0.4b

8) Process Explorers - Monitors

API Logger 1.0

API Monitor 1.5

Application Monitor 1.21

Process Viewer

SpyStudio API Monitor

SysMemBrowse 2.0.1

TopToBottomNT 3.8

Zero Dump 0.1

9) Resource Editors

PE Module Explorer


ResEdit 2.200010

Resource Hacker


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not the biggest fan of these packs but

dUP 2.18

c`mon, we`re at version 2.21...

and where are PE tools like "PE Tools", LordPE,...?

Also ResHacker is not on the list.Or ProtectionID. Or a winhex.


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not the biggest fan of these packs but

c`mon, we`re at version 2.21...

and where are PE tools like "PE Tools", LordPE,...?

Also ResHacker is not on the list.Or ProtectionID. Or a winhex.


meanwhile its version 2.22, many changes since v2.18...

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  • 3 months later...

Does anyone have any current downloads for these?  I tried this other link in the forum, and they didn't work either.

Would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you so much


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2 hours ago, Teddy Rogers said:

Thanks much Teddy... Any ideas why I keep getting error that I have exceeded download quota?  I can download 4mb's and get that error every time... Then have to wait until tomorrow, and hope it continues it.   Frustrating as heck lol... Thank you for taking time to put the link.


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  • 9 months later...

Any chance to post this "MergePE" tool ??? it's not available in the torrent.. and links above are dead..



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