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RealDraw Manager v0.1

Sn!per X

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السلام عليكم



This program done to help RealDraw GFXers by giving them the ability

to add new Textures and Surfaces to it.

RealDraw Manager v0.1 {26-01-2011}:

[+] Install, Delete or Rename Textures or Surfaces to RealDraw.

[+] Auto Generate. tmb file (bmp) when Installing New Textrues.

[+] Instant Textures/Surfaces Preview.

[+] Surface pictures will be converted first to grayscale before Installing them.

[*] RealDraw Install Path will be detected automaticly from Windows Registry,

Make sure you installed RD, or RDM will not work for you!!.

[*] This program Must work for old versions of RD (..5).

[*] Tested with RealDraw 5.2.3, Under Windows 7 Ultimate.

If you have any Comments, Ideas, Suggestions, Bug Report,

or any feature request so please contact at www.at4re.com



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