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Framework 4.0 is full of ****


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Just browse under Assembly mscorlib, Version

Module CommonLanguageRuntimeLibrary

namespace System.Reflection

class Assembly

and you will see this crap:

public virtual MethodInfo EntryPoint




throw new NotImplementedException();



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Another crap from Microsoft:

Unable To Find An Entry Point Named 'nonexistent_Dummy' In Dll 'msvcr80.dll'

Original link Does Anyone Know The Meaning Of This Entrypointnotfoundexception - "Unable To Find An Entry Point Named 'nonexistent_Dummy' In Dll 'msvcr80.dll'"

call class [mscorlib]System.AppDomain [mscorlib]System.AppDomain::get_CurrentDomain()

call instance bool [mscorlib]System.AppDomain::IsDefaultAppDomain()

brtrue.s IL_0032 ; good boy

leave.s IL_0052 ; jump to bad boy

call void nonexistent_dummy() ; the body - trow an excepton

leave.s IL_006d

WTF is this crap? :blink::kick:

They couldn't easy trow an exception "can be called only from default AppDomain" ?

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