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Kaspersky Malware Researcher job opening in Seattle/Bellevue area.


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The Anti-Malware Researcher will conduct day to day research under the supervision of the Senior Anti-Malware Researchers to support the overall global research plan, and also support the Anti-Malware Research Team in their research initiatives and speaking engagements.


* Analyze malware and/or spam and/or phishing or any other malicious content under the supervision of the Senior Researcher and in conjunction with HQ initiatives.

* Create generic behavior based malware detections in order to increasing the efficiency of the product line.

* Manage regional research technical resources – servers, databases, and ensure that all collected data is available for sharing with HQ.

* Maintain honeypots, web crawlers and all other data-collecting software as required by the Senior Anti-Malware Researchers and\or HQ.

* Create content for Regional and Global purposes working with the Regional Content Editor.


We are looking for an intermediate level malware researcher with basic reverse engineering skills, who is looking for an opportunity to grow in a rapidly evolving company. The ideal candidate should have a passion for continual self improvement through continual acquisition of technical skills. A background in security is a plus, but applicable hobbyist experience is acceptable.

* Experience in the IT security world.

* Cursory knowledge of malware and things related to malware research and analysis.

* Programming skills especially including C/C++ and Assembly language.

* Good to fluent English.

* Education – A bachelor’s degree in computer science or equivalent field is desired, but each candidate will be reviewed on their own merits and qualifying experience.

You can apply here: http://www.candidatemanager.net/cm/Micro/JobDetails.aspx?&mid=YUYU&sid=BDCXF&jid=FCXGTAZEVD&site=Kaspersky

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