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Want to protect the freedom of internet? Now is Your chance!


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The ACTA was declaration of WAR, however we (the sailors of untamed wild sea of freedom) were still silent, but when Aiplex ddosed the piratebay that was a sign to go into a war and now the time has come. We will bring down every site that restricts freedom of internet. Internet should stay free and open for everyone. No matter who you are a cracker, hacker, RE engineer, scener, p2per, pirate, sys admin, net security admin, scriptkiddie, blackhat... we need you, your knowledge and your bandwidth join us now and FIGHT FOR THE FREEDOM OF INTERNET!


So far we have taken down:

AIPLEX (Aiplex Software)

RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America)

MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America)

IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry)


GMlegal(surrendered themselves)

Mos (MinistryOfSound)

Sgae (Sociedad General de Autores y Editores)

Mcu (Spanish Ministry of Culture)

If governments can’t protect freedom of people, people must protect their freedom themselves.

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I love this:

"Hivemind mode lets us select target and start the attack without you having to do anything"

1. ofcs your not forced to use Hivemind you can use LOIC in manual mode

2. if u dont trust it you can check source code at http://github.com/NewEraCracker/LOIC/downloads

3. ofcs you can use your own tools

Hivemind is mainly for people who are not skilled in pcs and are willing to fight.

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ddos only gives them credibility in the legal/corporate-morality system. do something like a blind sql injection and leak documents or alter content to really **** them off. 4chan has been doing it for years, and it's still the anti-social child love community it was when they started.

DMCA people are like politicians. You make it public that they are just degenerate assholes like everyone else, but with genocidal power, and they crawl in their holes.

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