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Teddy Rogers

If you haven't been following the technology news recently you won't have heard the other week about the US Copyright Office (a part of the Library of Congress) allowing a DMCA exemption for jail breaking devices. If you have an iPhone and want it easily jail broken visit http://www.jailbreakme.com/ from the device.

How easy was that? :turned:


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But did you knew it exploits a serious security flaw?

However, if JailbreakMe is capable of unlocking the iPhone operating system by taking advantage of a flaw in the way the iPhone renders Adobe PDF files, then other applications can also exploit that same flaw for less-benevolent goals. What JailbreakMe illustrates is that the iPhone has a serious security issue that Apple needs to address.

For companies that allow the iPhone to connect with network resources, or that have embraced the iPhone as the business smartphone of choice, both the JailbreakMe tool itself, as well as any other malicious attacks that might circumvent iOS controls using the same method represent a security concern.

Read more here:

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