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You use Winamp & Minilyrics?


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Hi guys.

Though this aint related to reversing, but its related to music which we often hear while doing the former stuff.

I use winamp for it. If you know about minilyrics, its a very nice, customizable lyrics plugin for it (and many other music players)

Normally it is like this with the Winamp classic skin and pretty cool (with a large community contributing lyrics)


But i am having a nagging issue with the size and positioning of the minilyrics window

When ever i open winamp, the Minilyrics window opens on top left of the screen, irrespective of the winamp window postion. Also its size is static and doesn't remain as it is required to in relation to winamp window(as in screen-shot above)

Its pretty a big issue as every time one has to resize and re-move it, as and when winamp is restarted.

Here is it how it looks on every restart of winamp


Now as there was no such window specific-size or position recall option in the plugin's options, i looked up the installation directory and

it has this (attached)minilyrics config file (.ini). It has many size related options atleast.

I tried edited a few but it didn't work.

I have tried almost everything but it just ain't working.

Can you have a look and see is there anything else in config file i need to edit or there is some other file i need to change?

or why this plugin is behaving like this?

Help would be very appreciated. I am running out of ideas to try different things !


P.S. Posted in winamp support, but no replies.

Its so frustrating resizing and replacing it and then again the same every time!

Please help!

Thanks in advance.


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