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Need AT4RE books into English or French or Romanian or Spanish...


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Hi all !

I wonder if that there is someone who has that two AT4RE books translated into English or French or Romanian or Spanish. I really need to read them but i can't understand Arabic language and Google can't translate them neither....

Has someone these books in one of these languages ?

If do then please upload them somwhere for me.

Thank you in advance !

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can't understand Arabic language ?,

but google traductor can work

but.what book are? where is the link

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can't understand Arabic language ?,

but google traductor can work

but.what book are? where is the link

here are the links:



There are very good cracking books (manulas).

Google doesn't work for me...

i tried to upload the book on Google translator but it doesn't translate corectly. I can't understand anything from that translation.

Also, i tried to copy text and paste it into google translator but there is the same problem: it can't translate all arabic words and also not all words can be copied.

That is why i tried to convert it into word document but it seems that any good convertor can convert those pdf's into word document without making many mistakes(the arabic words apear to be like some squares... and so on...).

Also i tried Babylon-> the same problems...

Could someone help me with this, please ? Maybe someone has already translated those books...

Thank you !

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Translating from Arabic to English is very very difficult :confused:

And Google translator will not work well.

And there are many RCE English Books and Tutorials written in English and French so translating that books is not a good idea :wacko:

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not is a good idea.

but i was see a little and the img are good for understand if not understand the write text, try to learn the img and debug and check.., and not are much diferent that was learned in spanish,

with cracklatinos in ricardonarvaja.info some 3 years reading any tutorial in any RCE

but the reversing in others s.o is interesting..in arteam and tuts4you can see a little of this..and any way not are similar to any reversing book that was readed. is good reference.

not know if can traduce, but must convert pdf->htm->doc-> traductor + friend of at4re for check the spell

are many variations that not are understandable.. (i have traduced some words..)

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