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design of keygen

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I see you've taken interest into one of my templates :) Thanks for that one,

but I had to read your sentence a couple of times before I kinda got what you wanted to know/ask.

You want this design implemented as a keygen. First of all, I'm not giving away any PSD

files so you can edit and put names in. Secondly I can't even give you the resource files,

it has been a while since I created that one and do not have the files anymore.

But if you want to create a keygen with similar graphics, just go ahead with photoshop and

create your keygen template in assembler or C/C++ whatever you prefer. There are plenty of

guides, tutorials and whatnot here on the SnD forums/website and other websites. And if you're

not a programmer, I have to disappoint you, nobody's going to do the work for you, at least,

not freely without any reason. It's a hard world ;)

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