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Unknown EXE protector


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Does anyone have a crackme for this software i really want to know what on earth is memory strip when the exe is stored on disk.

If you look at the screen-shots of the coming soon version it has an option restart computer on black listed key LOL????



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You can download the protector and compile it yourself, it is hosted on Planet Source Code.

/>http://www.pscode.com/vb/scripts/ShowCode.asp?txtCodeId=58026&lngWId=1 (English)

The source hasn't been modified since 2005/2006 so i'm not sure there will be a 'coming soon' anymore.

Compiling the source and running it gains this messagebox:

Files required to distribute your protected exe fileMS VB 6 RuntimesYourprogram.exe (Loader)Yourprogram.exe.lockedPortus.lic (License file)Other dependencies included in your projectExe Files not Supported: .NET and few others

Unfortunately, it wont protect files on my PC, because it fails to acquire the public key when encrypting (MS CryptoAPI), so i cannot study its works but the source is there to parse at will.

EDIT: I've found a patch on the main site which fixed that problem and now when i protect the protector itself, it wont run. It might be of interest to note too that this is the free version, i'd imagine (you'd hope...) that the commercial version would be different. The comments on the site are mixed, some praising the protector some criticizing it.




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