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tutorial on reverse engineering


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hello can you help me please on how to find tutorials on reverse engineering.

i searched and found none, i'm a computer science student and i'm interested in that field.

thanks for the help.

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Hmmm, quite odd. Since you're posting this on a site dedicated to reverse engineering tutorials.

Tried the tutorials section yet?? Or on the main site the downloads section?

With a few thousand tuts it should be all you need.

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thanks quosego!

cyb3rl0rd1867 don't try to be a smart ***... i know that there are plenty of tut here but i'm looking for the best and easiest one for a beginner like me, guidance would be needed and that's what quosego offered.

thanks again.

it's better to ask and look stupid for 5 min then not to ask and stay stupid for ever.

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