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Clock is out of controll


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Hello together,

so today I have just a question about a problem which I have since a few days.The problem is my system clock....


So how you can alraedy see there is something going wrong!


So I have alraedy scan my system for a worm etc. but nothing was found.Can someone of you tell me what the problem is which I have or what can be the reason for this problem?Maybe anybody can tell me how to fix this issue back to a normal display & normal creating & change date time.I am grateful for any hint.

Thank you.

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1)if you have been doing alot of reversing, olly Ida, other tools... maybe your system just needs a reboot. Thats the first step in most win problems. I would guess you have already done this so next step:

2)go into the control panel--> region and language and look at the date format. If it looks ok there, click the "additional settings" tab at the bottom right and look what the seperator is set to.

Im assuming win 7, if you have XP or other, look for similar settings.

good Luck Mate!

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Hello HaQue,

great you point me in the right direction.It was the first time that I have used this region and language function.There I have seen again the wrong date time ?x? and the standart language was ok till I have choose it again and the date was shown correct now. :yeah: Very simple!So now I must remember this for the future.So thank you very much HaQue for this very helpfully hint.

Thanks :bunny::cloud9:

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