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Normally as I have respect for Teddy, I wouldn't link off site.

However, something I would like everyone to look at

Originally posted by: FEUERRADER

My dear colleagues and friends.

All of us are engaged in our favourite hobby - RCE. It is our passion, work and a life! But, at times, the life gives surprises and they very painfully beat in heart.

In my life there was such situation when I have dared to ask your brotherly help. My child is very sick. Also it is required money for medical operation. This sum for me is mad - about 20000 USD. I live in a small town, far from megacities and highly paid work it is impossible to find.

If you or your acquaintances and friends have a possibility to help me with some money, I would be grateful to you.

If you have a possibility - publish my request where it is possible, on your websites and forums. In advance thanks.

I can accept from you any feasible help through Western Union, E-Gold, PayPal, WebMoney...

PM me if you can help or write to feuer@ahteam.org

ICQ: 760890


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