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Hex-Rays Plugin Contest


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not sure if this was posted already but...

Hex-Rays Plugin Contest

Reverse engineering and analyzing software are difficult. It is challenging even with the top of the line tools like IDA: quite frequently, the limitations of the tool reveal themselves. That's why IDA can be programmed in multiple ways: with the built-in scriptable language, with Python/Perl/Ruby, and with plugins in C/C++.

With the release of IDA Pro v5.5 we open a new contest. We believe it will make IDA Pro better and easier to use. Put shortly:

  • Create an innovative and useful extension of our products and win the contest!
  • Two cash prizes are on the stake: the first place is 1500 USD and the second place is 750 USD.
  • Who can participate: all IDA Pro license holders.
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