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I stumbled upon this yesterday, and it may come handy... Check it out...


* Index

* Index by author

* Index by title

* Top 20 articles

* Virus magazines

* textfiles.com

@Anti anti-viruses, anti-debugging (17)

@Anti-virus programs (6)

@Analysis of the particular viruses (31)

@Artificial intelligence and evolution (4)

@Anti-virus technology (21)

@Anti-virus general (53)

@Collecting and Trading (3)

@Cryptography and Cryptovirology (7)

@MS-DOS specific (40)

@Computer Epidemiology (3)

@Fiction (10)

@Good viruses and worms (7)

@Interviews with VXers and AVers (53)

@Information warfare (2)

@Computer Immunology (5)

@History (28)

@Laws (11)

@Macro and script viruses (42)

@Metamorphism (11)

@Different OS's - MacOS, MenuetOS, ... (3)

@Trojans, Hoaxes, Hypes, Spyware (4)

@Theory, models and definitions (27)

@Polymorphism (18)

@Predictions, Prognosis, Trends... (7)

@Scene, Psychological, Ethical, Cultural and Social aspects (66)

@Self-reproduction (3)

@UNIX and clones specific (19)

@Virus technology (23)

@Virus general (9)

@Computer worms (11)

@Windows specific (22)

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