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Spotify vs OllyDbg


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Spotify for Windows contains code so awesome that OllyDbg can't look at it without crashing.

The protection exploits, among other things, a Borland library bug that apparently has gone undetected since 1991. Let's start at the beginning.

If you haven't seen it, Spotify is a music player similar to iTunes, except that it uses a massive distributed music library. It's ad-supported (banners + occasional radio ads), but comes with a nice party mode: If you're using it as a jukebox for your party, you can pay a token $1 to disable the ads for the day.

OllyDbg is a lovely Windows debugger written by Oleh Yuschuk.

Full story

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It's just Themida. Nice workaround to the fpu bug though..

7C90120F   -------------
79B000 Modulebase: 00400000
79B000 Code & IAT Section: 00401000
7C809AFA VM is located in the Themida/Winlicense section.
6E5BF9 ---------------[Extracted info]-----------------
6E5BF9 --- Themida Professional ---
6E5BF9 --- (c)2009 Oreans Technologies ---
6E5BF9 Version; 2.062
6E5BF9 ------------------------------------------------

Ahh all advertising stuff is in codeencrypt functions. :)

To prevent non ad versions..

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Themida has been using that trick forever.

Ooops quosego beat me to it.

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Peter Ferrie

Yeah, the FPU bug is well known, there is a second value that produces the same effect, and the fix is wrong. :-)

See my Anti-Unpacker Tricks 2 paper (http://pferrie.tripod.com) parts 1 (shows the second value) and 6 (shows the correct fix).

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