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Need template for tutorials, papers, etc.


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i am not very talented with gfx, so i wanted to ask here if somebody would like to help me.

I would like to write some tutorials and others where i also want a nice layout. I like for example arteams layout which is used in many of their tutorials, for example:


I think the layout is quite nice and although the content is of course much more important, i think a nice layout will also enhance the quality of the package and looks 'more professional'.

So, things i would like: Cover (if there is a picture as in the arteam example, i could change it by myself i think for each tutorial), something for the "big topics" and for "subtopics" (e.g. Keygenning-> Forewords), Footer and Header (for Word-file) and a 'quality seal' such as on screen two would be cool too, although not really necessary *g

Another thing i would like to know is how to add those shadows on each screenshot used in the above mentioned tutorial example? :)

I already have a logo which should be used so you don't have to make one.

So if anyone has a little spare free time and wants to help me out it would be really great and much appreciated.

I have some ideas and things I like (I love the fallout settings (video games) and the nuclear stuff, e.g.


and other retro ambiente, something similar to No Stach Press covers etc., but you can of course bring your own ideas and include them. As I said, i am glad for any help.

Any help is much appreciated. If you want to help please send me a pm.

I can`t give you much in return but I would add your nick to each tutorial to say from whom the layout was created.



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