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Hacking Festival! CODEGATE2009


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To strengthen the national power and train security specialists

with the trend 'Future war is information war', CODEGATE is consist of the yearly seminar by world best

security specialists, authorities and scholars, the hacking competition-the brain war by hackers from

all over the world-, the defense skill contest with new ideas to broaden the world of computer security and

the exhibition of famous IT and security enterprises.

We are proud that CODEGATE is

the first stone for raising world best security specialist, sharing security technique and

knowledge and developing IT industry.

We are promising more innovative and newer CODEGATE 2009.

Hacking Festival

* Preliminary: Mar 6 ~ 8 2009

* Final: Apr 7~ 8 2009

International Security Conference

* Apr 8 2009

* COEX Grand volume 101 ~ 105

Defense Skill Contest

* 1st registration: Feb 1 ~ Mar 18 2009

* 2nd registration: Mar 25 ~ 29 2009

* presentation: Apr 7 2009

* COEX ASEM hall 203

Job event of reliable IT enterprise

* Apr 8 2009

* COEX Grand volume Lobby

IT exhibition

* Apr 8 2009

* COEX Grand volume Lobby





Global Hacking Festival CODEGATE. Webmaster@codegate.org / COPYRIGHT 2009 CODEGATE. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

CODEGATE 2009 executive office / MEGA Communication / 2F KCPMED Bidg, 566-55, Yeonnam-Dong, Mapo-Gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea.

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The contest is a bit vague.. Can you just send in your finest work about anything and a committee will see if it's any good??

Or are there more strict rules.. Do you have to be there, can it be done online??

Still quite nice though a bit far away..

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