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File Name: IUG-Impact

File Submitter: Vi2DoubleYu

File Submitted: 27 Mar 2009

File Category: uPPP Skins


here, finnaly I have done it .this skin have made for joinning contest all about RE. hope it will be choice.and this skin have post it on here cause wanna ask for all member, how look about this skin on your eyes ? need something to fix ? and I see have long time some skin have posted not yet to be rate, this time, I wanna ask you help. if you like this skin, maybe you all want give me a little time for rate it with some star :D . and wish me lucky for that contest :D

thanks, enjoy this skin.

Click here to download this file

Edited by Vi2DoubleYu
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yea really nice work but why dont you all use proper english?

dont u have any english friends?

anyways its good

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