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GfW Live ramps up anti-piracy measures

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GfW Live ramps up anti-piracy measures

Microsoft has unveiled the latest features and upgrades making their way to its Games for Windows Live platform, with a focus on increasing anti-piracy efforts.

Games for Windows will now offer "zero day piracy protection", including server side authentication on top of a further layer of authentication required for online play.

In addition, sellers on the platform's market place will now be able to design their own storefronts, while the "roaming" function will allow consumers to save their personal settings and have access to them on any other compatible Windows PC.

"This update and other features currently in development represent a tipping point in the evolution of Games for Windows Live as a leading online PC gaming network," said Ron Pessner, general manager of Games for Windows Live.

"In the coming months, we will continue to deliver on our promise to provide gamers and publishers with the industry

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Well maybe not.. Just get yourself a few server the games and run your own streaming game thingie..

They evolve piracy evolves.

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Teddy Rogers

Thats all good and well if it is possible to obtain the gaming software. How I read it this looks like it would be closed software only accessible to the developers or certain licensed partners...


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dont be joking :P steam also is server side, and you can skip it.

gears of war,coh also required gfw,online auth and all was removed.

you cant play online,but you can play offline.

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Teddy Rogers

No, I think you missed what they were saying - or I did :rolleyes:

The idea is to allow people to play games online without having to install anything. Basically you connect to a server and you technically are downloading the images of the game you are playing. I know it sounds strange but that is what they were getting at.

The innovation behind OnLive rests in its video compression technology which instantly streams video via the internet so that it appears "effectively instantaneously."

"Perpetually, it appears the game is playing locally."

The reality is that all the heavy lifting is done by remote data centres that can be up to a thousand miles away while players use a simple PC or TV hooked up to a broadband connection.

This removes the need for paying hundreds of dollars for traditional disc-based consoles made by the likes of Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony.

"We're giving access to people who don't have access. We've moved hardware out of the equation," said Mr Perlman.


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i was talking about blah post and topic, and onlive is a joke that will fail and doesnt need to comment.

question what is you lowest ping? 6-10ms and they want 1ms for whole world. sorry but even 1ms is too big lag, but they never reach it.

and wait till for 1st time their servers will crush. and nobody can play. it will go away faster than it came.

and even if there will be only remote games. some people will give games from servers to scene.

thats how today leaks are done :P

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