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IUG Official Keygen [BlackmambA]


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File Name: IUG Official Keygen [blackmambA]

File Submitter: Vi2DoubleYu

File Submitted: 22 Mar 2009

File Category: Keygen Templates

here a sample animasi keygen template madr for IUG - Indonesia Underground Generation, and don't forget this template made based form source from UFO-Pu55y form SND (thanks for your great source), so some credit fly to UFO-Pu55y. animasi from [blackmambA]. hope you enjoy it and please leave a reply about this template so I can know it where to be more to improve later. thanks my fellow.


Note : (this a repost after my post have dissapered from here. but ted have done with that problem, thanks for that ted :rolleyes: , also to all buddy have reply sorry I not yet read it and reply it. )

Click here to download this file

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who is IUG btw

never heard of them

anyway IUG is = Indonesia Underground Generation, they not team but on they forum have sharing about reversing and anything like on seek n destroy (SND). actually, not more different like SND they also make something stuff like patch,keygen,tutorial and more.but so sorry, their forum still on indonesian language and maybe will out for english language. you can visit their on : http://iug.uni.cc/forum.

just it, and thank have reply it.


Edited by Vi2DoubleYu
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