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MS Security Chief becomes DHS INFOSEC Boss


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I think this will make for a great discussion over here at tuts4you considering many of us are in the INFOSEC pool.

Who is Philip Reitinge? Most of you have never heard of this guy and there is a good reason for that. He was a miserable failure over at Microsoft and now he is in charge of protecting our critical secrets here in the United States. We all know about Microsoft's track record when it comes to security. But hold on for a minute. My thoughts are this.

What was all this chit chat about a "more transparent government"? How can we (the American people trust a former Microsoft employee to lead our Homeland Security efforts in relation to our cybersecurity and critical information.

Mr. Reitinge, im sure we will all see an increase in tax payer dollars going to Microsoft now that im almost 100% positive you will be pursuing a personal agenda and M$ will profit now from the tax payers through proxy government spending.

We have yet to see an SE (Security Enhanced) version of the Microsoft Operating System. NSA offers SELinux.

Reitinger previously served as the executive director of the Defense

Department's Cyber Crime Center, which supplies computer forensics and

investigation services to the US military.

Yes, and look what happened during Operation Titan Rain. Defense Department's CCC was not even aware of this attack for almost a year after the breach.

You expect to protect the United States and our "security" from foreign threats and you don't even speak a lick of Chinese/Russian/Korean/etc.. (no offense i love you guys). These countries will continue to dominate and circumvent all of our security efforts because of a lack of professionals in our Government.

The last guy resigned from DHS because he knew NSA was getting ready to take over. DHS cannot be trusted to safeguard our secrets and enforce laws.

You know why the Chinese and the Russians are winning because we keep placing people in positions of trust who have a D for diploma and a few years hiding in a cubicle with a big company like Microsoft.

There are much better choices out there. I don't even know how this guy got cleared or passed the polygraph. I hope NSA has a field day with your ***.

20 bucks says his *** get's canned in the next 365 days.

I'm D1N and I approve of this message. ;)

A senior Microsoft exec has been placed in charge of protecting the US's computer systems from hacking attacks

Philip Reitinge, chief trustworthy infrastructure strategist at Microsoft, has been appointed to the lead role in protecting the US government's computing network from from cyberattack. He was tapped by US Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. The role is formally described as deputy undersecretary for the DHS's National Protection and Programs Directorate.

Click here to find out more!

Reitinger previously served as the executive director of the Defense Department's Cyber Crime Center, which supplies computer forensics and investigation services to the US military. He's also worked in the Department of Justice, as deputy chief of the Computer Crime and Intellectual Property division

The appointment follows a week after Rod Beckstrom, director of the DHS National Cybersecurity Center, quit citing his opposition at what he described as the National Security Agency's increased role in cybersecurity. Reitinge will assume charge of running the centre, according to reports.

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What the hell?

Great, now after the thousands of security holes that Microsoft has . This yo-yo is going to advise/head the security detail for our computer security in govt..

Scary thought..

I forsee thousands of service packs!



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