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Gift 2009 from exetools Team


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Dear friends of exetools site .....as we was working at last 3 months very hard trying to study what people need and how to find a way to helpthem ...

and after we have noted that most reverse site has begin locked some source information -becasue of high develop of software protection .

so we decide to begin a new generation of work for public .

- how are we :

we are a small team ...work in background ..our main site is: forum.exetools

member :XXXXX .............will put it later ...

- what we will do:

we will writing papers and releasing tools for breaking popular protectors, we will provide tips, tools, scripts, helps etc ....some will be free and other will be $$$ ..

it depended what will work on .

- have we a pro guys :

yes..we have ..but we still need some new blood . ( if any one interested )

- when we will begin :

soon as much as we can ..maybe after 1 week .


if anybody like to joint us and find something interesting on what we are working on ..then pls

be attention that we not accept Newbis ( sorry )

just to be know we need this specialization ...

Coder ( C++ , C , ASM , Delphi ,VB ) and other




at this time we need Coder and we could accept many of them .

many thanks for all who read this ...sincerely

note 2 : man will pass some exam (just for prudence)

Ur best friend Nooby

Exetools Team director

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money rofl.. I don't need money to break software protections.. Only a debugger. ;)

But seriously, why money??

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:lol::lol::P:P "some will be free and other will be $$$ "

This is just for Lazy guys not else ......

how don't like to read tuts and want their work dirctly ..so we will help them ;) ..

and for our member how work very hard ..at least we will reward them with some money not else ..

anyway u will see our work then u can rule on us :hug:

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The money part?

I think it's weird that you even asked. Let's tell those who made IDA give it out for free. I heard that the new version just come out.

Real reason is that we hire full-time coders and we tell then what and how to code. Personally I won't spend any time on drawing pictures and dragging controls around for the tool that I'm working on, so I would prefer having some people make the GUI for me.

And again, tools are for noobs, if they don't look pretty, they ain't good tools.

Sorry if it sounds like I'm lazy, but I am and I have more important stuff to work on.

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Not quite weird.. We make tools & reverse engineer for free that is how it has been for ages. If you can afford hiring coders to do your gui's okay but most of us don't wish to spend our money on that.

No one pays for tools etc.. so it's not lucrative to pay people to make them. Therefore it's usually done for free, for the fun of it. Since that's what prolly drives us all.

I suppose there's nothing wrong with it, paying people to make stuff works perfectly.. but personally I'd never pay someone to make a gui if my crappy attempt of gui making suffices.


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The tools aren't for unpacking or RE, it's just regular software and for regular user.

I agree that tools should be free and I believe most people who use IDA didn't pay for it, except for me, I bought everything I cracked.

So does it make sense to you now?

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So ExeTools evolves to a coding-request board in addition to it's RCE part? Just sounded like RCE-related stuff would be sold, you may want to align that line here:

we will provide tips, tools, scripts, helps etc ....some will be free and other will be $$$ ..

Sounds like you would charge money for RCE support, and given I understood you correctly, the money's just charged for bigger coding projects, not necessarily related to RCE?

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We offer unpacking services, etc, at a cost.

We release papers, tuts, tools for free.

We make software for other purposes, use them to fund the team and buy protectors to play around.

We hire full-time coders to improve efficiency.

We are recruiting so that we can proceed on this plan.

We teach people how to reverse/crack/unpack if you are qualified and are interested in our plan.

If all above doesn't make sense to you, I'm afraid that we can't communicate.

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To sum up your basically going to be charging money to crack and unpack software which will then fund full time programmers to create packer/protectors/cryptors which you will then sell on to malware/virus authors?

I hope your going to be paying taxes on this income... :rolleyes:


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