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I'm looking for some artists to work on an open source project with me. I'm not picky and always grateful especially when making a request. I don't need a logo or a small image I need a committed artist or several who wish to be a part of something really cool and because the software is related to our scene this is the perfect place to make such a request.

What I need, someone who can take care of screen shots for the documentation, logos for the main GUI of the application for both versions LINUX and Windows, the about section, future plugins, art for the wiki, blog, etc.. Your name will be added to the GPL, as well as any documentation pertaining to the project under the contributors section, groups, website, etc... You will be given credit for any contributions you make. This is a long term project so I need people who are committed and will stick around. Please respond to this thread or you can join the project channel on irc. I will provide you with dimensions, for the software, the documentation art, as well as the wiki. Any plans related to the art will be discussed with the volunteers so with that said I appreciate the support.


Project Linkshttp://code.google.com/p/komodopgmp/https://sourceforge.net/projects/komodopgmp/http://groups.google.com/group/komodopgmpIRC: irc.freenode.net #komodoPGMP
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