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SND Boom - Wallpaper


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Here is my new try, second wallpaper but this time i used a 3d Graphic tool other the classic photoshop!

Maybe there are some "pixeled border" but they are the result of the scaling of the original wallpaper because the original one has 2048x1536 as resolution!

First time that i used Cinema 4D, i have to say that this tool is really amazing! :blink:

Tool used: Cinema 4D, Photoshop

Original page: HERE

Hope you like it and remember... i'm not a gfxer! :P


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i have some suggestions though but these are purely what i think and i aint a professional

1. the background could have been a bit better it is not quite matching with the main explosion+text

2. the Snd text could have been more of a centre for attraction though the object explosion looks good

and yes cinema4d is an amazing tool

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Nice work Mate ...

Just a suggestion: to avoid shrinking image later in PS go to your C4D render options and set size to something acceptable, like 1280x1024 ...


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Nice job

Cinema 4D is a fantastic application i only started with it the other day

Will see if i can crank anything out with in in a few weeks ;)

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