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Hmmm, don't entirely agree with the raise of the bar part.. Themida really hasn't changed much from version 1.8.. Execryptor is dead..

Though Game protections are the real challenge, app protections are not so much raising the bar..

However indeed we keep secrets, jup me included.. and I indeed tend to agree we might have to stop doing that..

But to give my knowledge about Themida to oreans on a silver platter, is a big step.. Still I'm leaning towards just letting it go..

That's why we are webscene..


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If you want to join there in the discussion (beware the news section is open to google purposely). Anyway this is what I think: the webscene should finally decide which is its target, mass releasing competing with 0day or sharing ideas and techniques..I bet the second one! What we can also do is opening a tutorials section restricted to members..dunno.

btw quosego, how much ppl are able to unpack themida compared to armadillo? How much securom? if you think of general utilities most are poorly protected but it's just matter of time on the one hand and costs on the other..developers must always weight costs and advantages..

Loveless, we shared our tutorials on american public hosts since 5 years and never had problems.

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