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Here is a new try, very simple and clean.

Hope to see it, maybe, in some keygen template and moreover hope you like it! :P

Tool used: Photoshop CS2

Font name: Danube

Page: HERE




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Not to be mean or anything but it looks very pixelated and the edges are very jagged thanks to this, some anti alias would be nice, sorry if it's meant to be like that.

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Guys, don't worry to say your opinion, good or bad that it is! :lol:

I need some comment and reply then, please, you won't have some fear to do it! :rolleyes:

Thanks you for the reports! I'll try to make much better next time! ;)


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I think its a decent basis, but the ripples or whatever they are need more work.

The 'pixelated' comment is correct - makes it look a little untidy.

A little work though and it could be a nice one :)

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