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i'm trying to make my next kg template, and my question is,

could the "name and serial boxes" transpararent / half transparent?

well, i kow it is possible, but do i have to use special techniques

so the keygenner can use the input fields?

i apply the layout i am working on ATM...


thanks for reading,


(any criticism / hints appreciated)


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I believe you can do this, though I believe it causes problems with long text... I don't remember...

invoke GetStockObject, NULL_BUSH
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It IS possible, but a pain for the coder ! There are some keygen templates

with such stuff, if you have a look at the ones posted on board.

But take an advice and better focus on other elements :)

To be honest.. your logos are really kewl, but get killed by the other template elements

like text, icons,... they are too simple. Also you shouldn't use something

like "THE SND KEYGEN GIVES YOUR SERIAL:" -> A simple "SERIAL:" does the trick ;)

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