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Merry Christmas ALL


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Hi everybody!

I hope this isn't viewed as a waste of forum space or such, but i'll post it anyway. :D

As it has just passed midnight here, i would like to wish everybody who frequents this forum a merry Christmas! I hope everybody enjoys themselves (safely) this holiday season, including those who aren't celebrating this day in the religious sense.



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Merry Christmas to you and everybody else :D

I even learned that Jesus didn't die at Christmas. I actually read up on it, he was born at Christmas! :wiggle:

He still has 4 months to live, let's hope he's having a fun time :D:rip:

:drunk::cold::cloud9::sorc::worthy::pope: (smily spam at least once a year)

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yea Merry Chrismas,

I wanted to create a new thread for this, but figured I would just post it here.. I'm new to this board and haven't looked at everything yet but This board has pretty neat stuff. I was surprised that it even exist, it's a great source of ReverseEngineering and it has great tutorials. Thanks to the creator or whoever running :-)

From Canada.

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