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My computer has recently decided to crap itself... and i started getting an Unmountable Boot Volume BSOD upon startup.... i did some HDD scan and repair utilities and all said there were unrecoverable errors...and i couldn't recover any files... so in my frustration i happened to rockstar (shatter) my HDD into many many shiny little pieces... but all is well, new HDD should be here tomorrow. and then i will reinstall windows xp and be up and running.

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My friend In CD Hiren's 9.6 ....U will find this Hard disk testing ....inside it u will chose what ur Hard disk kind ( WD or fjusto or some else ) make test on it and it will fix that ....

or if u use FAT 32 then u can use the scan disk which come in windows ME CD ...if u haven't it let me know and I will upload it .

note what u use sata or IDA connection .....try to describe more .

I am very Good in fixing HDD's ...

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I do have pictures of the sweet sweet destruction, but they're on my phone. as for the HDD tests and stuff i did the toshiba one and it instantly went to FAIL.... and other tests showed Uncorrectable Errors....

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in a recent development with my laptop.... i left it in the back of the shop last night (awaiting my new HDD) and came in this morning to get it, and to my supprise, a leak has developed in my ceiling and it dripped water onto my external HDD and laptop (which was upside down with the HDD bay still open) all night and morning... so i'm guessing this is mother natures way of saying it's time for a new laptop.... the most ironic thing though is my new HDD is supposed to get here today... ya, thought i'd share that with you all.

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sorry if i wrote something wrong... English is not my first language... It was meant to be a joke...

and since hdd is destroyed there is nothing left to be fixed :^

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