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Electric Snd by GEEK


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hey guys,

am back with some more gfx..am really loving this

this one took a little more time and effort but i am satisfied with the result

check out and lemme know what you think

watch it in full screen (looks better ;) )


Edited by GEEK
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I love the effect! Reminds me of a laser light show.

One criticism... to my eyes, the reflection from the SND should have some perspective to match the grid / tile. Even if the floor is transparent, there would be some refraction. Anyway, I'm too anal. Great work - I love it.

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thanks guys

@ECLiPTiC : Now that's like a comment from the Raster master. Glad you loved it, thanks. i was so focused into getting the glow and the main text right that it didn't cross my mind. Not many can figure it out anyways ;)

@holevinsky: only CS3. i haven't checkout CS4 yet coz i don't want to download the entire master collection

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