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This is my tribute to SnD team. I hope you'll like it. Comments and criticisms are more than welcome as always ... :D



SSlEvIN _ ARTeam

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Some nice work as always there mate! The "SnD" text does look a bit like its from a western cowboy movie (which doesn't fit the gun) but its some nice work!

Looks like something from hitman ;)

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He, he ... OK Guys, thanks for your comments ... I think Hitman is a good point, Loki ... Image updated with hitman.ttf ...

@Killboy: its done using Autodesk Maya for modeling/rendering and Photoshop CS3 for "postproduction" tweaking ...

Now it doesn't look like some western movie, does it ? :D


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@GEEK, ECLiPTiC, Gladiyator, SuperCRacker, Dr.bad: Thanks for the comments and support ...

@Teddy Rogers: is there a possibility to add "THANKS" button here ? ... I thought about avoiding unnecessary bumping of threads like this ...



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