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IceLicense keygenned


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ey all,

Just found something interesting on the web. Someone keygenned a Delphi program called Newsleecher, where the latest final version uses the "uncrackable" IceLicense algo.

I know that accessroot has an old tutorial about cracking the protection by simply changing some commands. As far as I know no one has even keygenned this algo.

Might be a good thing for discussing, do people know how to keygen IceLicense? is it private stuff or did no one ever brothered that there was an uncracked protection?

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Well, even if its true, i'm 100% sure it wont be shared for public, as for every other protection system out there. There are many grps already who learned how to break armadillo already, but none share their knowledge, since it could give away methods used to gain specific information about the algo.

Then again, u have to understand why it HAS to remain private. If the info leaks, the protection would be updated and old methods would most likely be obsolete.


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