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Teddy Rogers

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I just treated myself to one of these old classic joysticks for some retro gaming, anyone remember the Competition Pro?


Great thing is it is USB and works very well with emulators such as WinUAE. I'm hooked on Kick-Off again... it has never been the same with either the keyboard or joypad.

I'd recommend buying one if your in to your retro gaming and have been looking for a classic joystick like this... :thumbs:


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Looks very nice! Is it a 4-way or 8-way joystick? I read some reviews of it but they didn't seem to mention anything about this.

Yes, it works as an 8-way joystick - just like the original...


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I am just very happy I can play Kick-Off like normal - the main reason why I purchased it. That game is in my top 5 of all time... yes I know people will disagree me quite heartedly... :D


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